Repair, Test & Certification

At Fiduk's Industrial Services it's plain and simple "We take hoist repair, load testing and certification very seriously". Our test procedures exceed the standards as outlined by ANSI B30.16. - We've been taking this seriously for over 45 years.

To insure the proper test and certification of hoist products these few things are paramount.

Skilled Technicians:


Ours have been trained and certified by CM Hoist for electric and manual hoists and Ingersoll-Rand for air hoists and winches. In addition to the training, we have the experience repairing almost any kind of hoist product.

Test Equipment:


Our CM Hoist Test Stand allows the capability to provide both static and dynamic tests up to 16 tons. Gauges and load cells are calibrated (traceable to NIST) so that when you receive our "Record of Hoist Repair and Test" you're guaranteed full compliance.

Machinery and Parts: In addition to our test stand we have all the necessary tools and equipment needed to perform fast and efficient repairs. We also use only genuine OEM parts, so there is no need to concern yourself with quality.

With all of the above considered, at Fiduk's Industrial Services we go a few steps further. Technicians and sales personnel alike have been trained in the proper installation, PM required and general correct use of hoists. We are trained to spot potential problems before they occur. We conduct safety seminars on the proper use of hoists. We offer on-site PM Programs or repairs for those hoists which are difficult or inconvenient to take down. Fiduk's Industrial Services will quote your firm on an annual contract for hoist service and/or load testing & certification. Fiduk's Industrial Services will train your maintenance personnel on the repair of air, electric or manual hoists.

If your hoist is down for an extended period or if you need additional hoists for a specific job, take advantage of our
rental fleet. All hoists are certified and available daily, weekly, and monthly.

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