Training and Seminars
Fiduk's Industrial Serivices offers a broad range of Seminars and Training Classes at our newly constructed Conference and Training Facilities located in Wilmington, DE. All training sessions are conducted in a very structured and logical format with hands-on demonstrations utilizing pertinent tools and products. Here is a brief overview of the Seminars which we offer our customers.


Atlas Copco Fastening Seminar An 8 hour class focusing primarily on joint analysis. An in-depth look at friction loss, torque vs. tension, clamp load, and static torque vs. dynamic torque is reviewd. Attendees will get a good understanding of why joint failures occur and how different tightening strategies can affect joint integrity. Demonstrations utilizing the latest Electronic Analyzers and Transducers with DC Electric Tools and Joint Simulators will enable attendees to visually see on graphs what happens during the tightening process.

Atlas Copco Advanced Tightening Seminar A 16 hour session including the above seminar and 8 hours concentrating on Statistical Process Control. Attendees will receive a good understanding of various terminology from CP, CPK, 6-Sigma, etc.

Atlas Copco DC Electric Tool Training Classes designed to instruct on the programming, troubleshooting and repair of the newest and most sophisticated assembly products. In-depth review on tightening strategies and how to select the parameter which is best suited for specific joints and operator ergonomy. Attendees will get a good understanding of the complete system (tool-cable-controller). This training is very heavy hands-on leaving all who attend with the ability to handle most problems they will encounter.

Air and Hydraulic Tool Training These training sessions are highly customized to suit the specific interests and skills of all who attend. Whether it's the repair or impact wrenches, hydraulic pumps, construction tools or grinders, we will provide an excellent understanding of proper disassembly, analysis, re-assembly and test. Attendees will learn which specialized tools and test equipment is required to perform first class repairs.

Hoist Safety Seminars Proper use of air, electric and manual hoists is fully discussed. Video presentation demonstrating the do's and don'ts of safe lifting practices.

Hoist Repair Classes Similar to Air and Hydraulic Tool Training with concentration on the repair, load test and certification of hoist products. Methods on how to best inspect chain and other load-bearing components is reviewed.

Ergonomic Seminar This seminar concentrates on first how to best select the proper tool for your specific job, whether it's related to assembly, lifting, moving, or grinding. Then we show the correct use of that specific tool. Videos and discussion of work related trauma and repetitive motion ailments are reviewed.                  

Grinder Safety Seminar This seminar is designed to help eliminate one of the most common industrial accidents. Basics on grinding wheel storage, test and mounting are reviewed. Hands-on grinding demonstrates the do's and don'ts of proper use. RPM checks, hearing protection, and common misuses are addressed.



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